Prabowo Reveals Steps to Improve Indonesia’s Health and Education

Jakarta, Hilton News

Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto stated that he would build modern hospitals in every district and city if elected president in the 2024 presidential election.

In addition, he as president will also increase the number of doctors in Indonesia. This was revealed in the last presidential debate at JCC Senayan, Jakarta on Sunday (4/2).

“In the health sector we will build modern hospitals in every district and city, and modern health centers in every village. We will accelerate the shortage of doctors in Indonesia. We lack around 140 thousand doctors, we will overcome it by increasing the medical faculty in Indonesia from now 92 to 300 medical faculties,” Prabowo said.

Later, Indonesian children who are interested in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or STEM, will have the opportunity to study abroad.

Prabowo said, around 10 thousand Indonesian children can get the opportunity using scholarships.

“From high school graduates, we give scholarships abroad to study medicine, science, technology and engineering, mathematics, chemistry and physics, we will take technology and science,” he said.

Furthermore, Prabowo stated that he would improve the salaries of teachers, especially honorary teachers, as well as civil servants including the TNI, Polri, and agricultural extension workers.

This is also part of improving the quality of Indonesian education, where Prabowo believes that education is strategic.

“We must improve the quality of life of teachers including honorees and improve competence, we must provide trainings, upgrades and also all state organizers of civil servants, TNI-Polri we improve their standard of living salaries so that they can provide services to the people as well as possible,” Prabowo said.

Furthermore, Prabowo revealed that he and Gibran Rakabuming as presidential candidates already have a national transformation strategy aimed at increasing Indonesia’s prosperity and improving the quality of life.

One of them is through providing nutritious food for all Indonesian children and pregnant women.

“It will address maternal mortality and stunting, and eliminate extreme poverty and absorb the produce of farmers and fishermen. And increase our economic growth, as well as address fundamental problems to overcome extreme poverty,” Prabowo concluded.


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