Prabowo Affirms Mastery of STEM at Unhan Graduation

Jakarta, Hilton News

Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto emphasized that Indonesia must catch up with the development of human resources (HR) in a number of fields, including Science, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) to medicine.

“Our future will be determined by the STEM revolution, plus medicine is part of it. So, we have to catch up, we have to dare to admit that we are lagging behind (from developed countries),” Prabowo said at the graduation of the Defense University (Unhan) in Sentul, Bogor on Monday (12/2).

For this reason, Unhan organized four new faculties in the STEM field, including the faculties of medicine and engineering in the hydrology study program.

Prabowo said, the faculty of engineering in the hydrology study program is not owned by all universities in Indonesia.

“Unhan, I ordered to add a special study program in the field of hydrology. It can now prove itself to play a practical role in directly overcoming the difficulties of our people. They seek and produce clean water,” he said.

According to Prabowo, clean water is a strategic and scarce commodity. The addition of the faculty is also in line with the United Nations (UN) which predicts the world will be hit by three crises including food, energy, and water in the near future.

In order to overcome the prediction of the situation, Prabowo said, Indonesia must master basic sciences. Moreover, Indonesia has large natural resources.

“We have extraordinary natural resources, we must be able to reach them, master them, and participate in developing them with STEM (science) and all basic sciences,” he said.

To the graduates, Prabowo asked that they could make a great contribution to the people and the country, where they had passed a rigorous selection of intelligence and academic achievements before studying at Unhan, according to the best university education standards in the world.

Prabowo hopes that in the future Unhan can increase more study programs and the number of students, without reducing the quality of selection and academic standards that have been applied.

“Unhan must be truly a center of excellence with academic quality on par with the best universities in the world,” Prabowo said.

A total of 573 Defense University students graduated consisting of Doctoral (17), Faculty of Defense Strategy (273), Faculty of Defense Management (69), Faculty of National Security (82), Faculty of Defense Science and Technology (57) and S1 Faculty of Military Medicine (75).


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