Prabowo Brings Back Displaced Migrant Workers in Malaysia to Indonesia

Jakarta, Hilton News

Minister of Defense (Menhan) and number two presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto brought back a female worker named Annisah to the country. Annisa is a migrant worker who was stranded in Malaysia because her passport was withheld by agents.

Prabowo brought Annisa back to Indonesia when he made a pilgrimage to her parents’ grave in Taman Makam Karet Bivak, South Jakarta.

Here Prabowo received complaints from mothers named Eny about her son Annisah who had been working for five years but could not return to Indonesia. While crying he asked Prabowo for help.

Hearing this story, Prabowo asked his personal secretary Rajif Sutirto to contact the Chairman of the Red and White Network (JMP), Nanik S Deyang, so that he could repatriate Annisah.

Two weeks later, a return permit without a passport from Malaysian Immigration was issued on Thursday (14/3) and Annisah was able to set foot in the country again to meet her mother and child.

Annisah arrived in Jakarta greeted by the emotional sobs of her two children and their mother. They also thanked Prabowo for his help.

“Thank you, Mr. Prabowo, my mother has come home,” said Annisah’s daughter, sobbing.

Eny was also moved and expressed her gratitude to Prabowo for successfully bringing Annisah back to Indonesia.

“Sir, thank you sir (Prabowo) for bringing my son back to Indonesia,” Eny said.

For information, for Annisah’s return, Prabowo asked Nanik to coordinate with various parties, including Vice Minister Afriansyah Noor so that he could urge Adnaker in Malaysia to find Annisah’s whereabouts.

On February 19, 2024, Annisah’s whereabouts were finally found, Nanik reported to Prabowo to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and meet Annisah.

After meeting, it was revealed that Annisah was a legal migrant worker who departed from Indonesia through an agent and also used a passport.

Annisah was first placed to work in Singapore in 2018. Not yet a year in Singapore, Annisah was transferred by her agent to Malaysia.

However, while working in Malaysia, Annisah was placed in a family that had many children so in addition to talking about her employer’s children, Annisah also had to work taking care of the house. Thus, his working time is very tiring, which is almost 24 hours per day.

Annisah was unable to bear the burden of the job and tried many times to ask the agent who channeled her work to be repatriated to Indonesia.

However, his agent did not pay attention. Annisah still tried to contact her agent again to ask for her passport and other important documents that were detained, it turned out that the agent was known to have gone out of business.

Unable to bear the excessive workload, Annisah ran away from her employer’s house to work elsewhere part-time.

At the same time, Annisah tried to find her personal documents so that she could return to Indonesia. Annisah was pressed for a fee because she had to pay a fine for overstaying to Malaysian Immigration with a total of RM 3,100.

Hearing the chronology that happened to Annisah, Nanik immediately brought Annisah to the country. Nanik then returned to report and Prabowo covered all matters including Annisah’s administrative expenses and a return ticket to Indonesia.


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