Prabowo and PM Li Qiang Agree to Strengthen Indonesia-China Cooperation

Jakarta, Hilton News

Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto said that his visit to China, among others, was to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

This was revealed by Prabowo when meeting Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang in Beijing on Tuesday (2/4). A day earlier, Prabowo had fulfilled President Xi Jinping’s invitation.

“I came with the intention of expressing my desire and hope to enhance friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries. We see the complementary relationship between China and Indonesia is a reality that we are very grateful for, for the friendship and trust in us,” Prabowo said.

Responding to this, Premier Li Qiang stated that China is ready to push forward the progress of the two countries through various concrete strategies, ranging from regional to global.

“China is ready to work with Indonesia to maintain high-level strategic mutual trust, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and promote deeper and more concrete progress in building a common future to achieve more win-win outcomes and bring more benefits to both peoples,” Li said.

According to Li, Indonesia and China must synergize to encourage a number of aspects, including accelerating development, as well as efforts to deepen cooperation in agriculture to fisheries which are people’s livelihoods.

“Both sides should enhance synergies between the belt and road initiative and Indonesia’s development strategy, accelerate the development of key projects, deepen cooperation in traditional fields such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries,” he said.

In addition, continued Li, Indonesia and China can also expand cooperation in high-tech and developing industries.

While on the global realm, Li stated that China is ready to strengthen multilateral relations with Indonesia, including in the scope of East Asia to the United Nations (UN).

Furthermore, Li expressed appreciation for Prabowo’s visit to China. He considered that Prabowo’s decision to become Indonesia’s president-elect for the 2024-2029 period was a step that showed the closeness of the two countries.

“Prabowo’s decision to visit China as his first country after being elected once again shows the deep friendship between China and Indonesia,” Li said, quoted by Xinhua on Tuesday (2/4).


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