Nurul Ghufron Reports Several KPK Dewas Members to Bareskrim

Jakarta, Hilton News

Deputy Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Nurul Ghufron confirmed that he had made a report to the National Police Criminal Investigation on May 6, 2024 regarding allegations of defamation and abuse of authority with reported members of the KPK Supervisory Board (Dewas).

Ghufron reported several KPK Dewas Members, not only Albertina Ho.

“I conveyed on the 3rd floor (KPK Office) that I would conduct self-defense with a legal mechanism that allowed me to make a defense, including I said at that time that I would file a TUN lawsuit, would conduct a judicial review to the Supreme Court, including the possibility of criminal charges,” Ghufron said at his office, Jakarta, Monday (20/5).

“At that time, I have conveyed it and I have reported it on May 6, 2024 to the Bareskrim with a report on two articles, namely Article 421 of the Criminal Code, both Article 310 of the Criminal Code,” he continued.

Ghufron’s report has been raised to the investigation stage by Sub-Directorate IV of the National Police Criminal Investigation Office on May 14, 2024. Ghufron said many witnesses have been asked for clarification.

“Who are the witnesses who have been called? Yes, it has been a lot. (Who reported?) There are several, not one,” he said.

Based on the letter received by, Ghufron reported Albertina Ho et al for alleged criminal acts of insult and/or abuse of authority related to conveying to the press about ethical violations that were sufficient evidence and ready for trial as well as handling the examination of violations of the code of ethics related to the alleged intervention of ASN mutations of the Ministry of Agriculture (Kemenan) as referred to in Article 310 of the Criminal Code and / or Article 421 of the Criminal Code that occurred in Jakarta during the period January-May 2024. has contacted the Director of Public Crime at the Indonesian National Police, Brigadier General Djuhandani Rahardjo Puro and the Head of Public Relations of the National Police, Kombes Erdi Chaniago to confirm Ghufron’s report, but has not received a reply.


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