KPK Prevents 4 People from Going Abroad Related to LPEI Case

Jakarta, Hilton News

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) wrote to the Directorate General of Immigration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to prevent four people from traveling abroad in connection with an investigation into an alleged export financing corruption case from the Indonesian Export Financing Agency (LPEI).

“The need for the presence of parties as witnesses who allegedly know about allegations of corruption in LPEI, the KPK submits a prevent the Director General of Immigration of the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights from remaining in Indonesian territory for the next 6 months,” said KPK Head of News Ali Fikri at his office, Jakarta, Tuesday (21/5).

“Currently there are four people who are prevented with the status of state and private organizers,” he continued.

Ali was reluctant to reveal the identities of the four people. He only reminded them to cooperatively fulfill the call of the investigation team later.

Based on sources familiar with the handling of the case, those prevented from going abroad were two from the export financing agency and two others from private companies.

According to the KPK’s preliminary findings, there are at least six companies indicated to be fraudulent in the case of export financing from LPEI. In the process, the KPK coordinates with the Attorney General’s Office (Kecorn) which also handles cases in LPEI armed with a report from Finance Minister Sri Mulyani.


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