KPK Confiscates SYL’s Car Again, Ada Mercy to Jimny

Jakarta, Hilton News

A team of investigators from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has again seized assets belonging to former Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) in handling a case of suspected Money Laundering (TPPU). This time, the KPK confiscated a white Mercedes-Benz (Mercy) Sprinter.

“The car was found in Bumi Permata Hijau Housing, Rappocini Village, Rappocini District, Makassar City, South Sulawesi Province and allegedly deliberately hidden,” said KPK News Section Head Ali Fikri at his office, Jakarta, Tuesday (21/5).

In a separate place, namely Perum The Orchid, Jalan Orchid Indah, Tanjung Merdeka Village, Tamalate District, Makassar, the investigation team also seized two units of SYL vehicles. Namely the New Jimny car in Ivory color with 1 key and the dominant silver Honda X-ADV 750 CC motorcycle along with 3 keys.

Ali explained that all the vehicles were deposited in Makassar Police Station.

“This finding was then used as evidence in the case file investigating the alleged trafficking of SYL suspects,” Ali said.

“Of course, we are still continuing to trace the flow of money from this corruption crime (extortion and receipt of gratuities),” he continued.

Previously, the KPK had confiscated a black Mercedes Benz Sprinter 315 CD car that was allegedly deliberately hidden in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

SYL was prosecuted by the KPK for alleged extortion, receipt of gratuities and money laundering. It’s just that, the two initial cases that just entered the trial.

SYL, who is a NasDem Party politician, was charged with extortion up to Rp44,546,079,044 and receiving gratuities considered bribes totaling Rp40,647,444,494 during the 2020-2023 period.

The crime was committed by SYL together with two other defendants, namely Secretary General of the Ministry Kasdi Subagyono and Director of Agricultural Tools and Machinery, Directorate General of Infrastructure and Facilities of the Ministry of Agriculture Muhammad Hatta.

In the trial process at the Central Jakarta District Court, SYL was said to use the Ministry of Agriculture’s budget for personal and family interests.

Among them are for paying pediatric beauty doctors, renovating children’s homes, deposits to wives every month, buying cars for children, to paying SYL credit card bills.


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