Fake Police in Jaktim Arrested for Drug Case

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Lukman Hakim (41), a man who claimed to be a member of the Aiptu rank police was arrested. During this time, Lukman acted in the East Jakarta and South Jakarta areas.

East Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Nicolas Ary Lilipaly said Lukman often faked traders and could make a profit of up to Rp3 million every month.

“His daily job is to snack (malak) to traders in the South Jakarta and East Jakarta areas using uniforms,” Nicolas said in his statement, Tuesday (21/5).

Nicolas revealed that Lukman claimed to be a member of the National Police who served in the Metro Jaya Police Drug Department. For at least four years, Lukman has pretended to be a policeman.

According to the inquest, Lukman pretended to be a member of the National Police because he was obsessed with becoming a police officer.

“Because he was obsessed with being a police officer, but at the time of his test, he was less tall and could not be a member of the National Police,” Nicolas said.

“However, it does not reduce his intention that he is still obsessed with being a member of the National Police, so he uses the National Police uniform for activities to meet the economic needs of his family,” he added.

Lukman even claimed to be an Aiptu rank police officer to his family, namely his second wife and in-laws of his second wife.

The money earned by Lukman is used to support the family’s daily needs. Because, Lukman has no other livelihood.

Lukman has now been named as a suspect and taken into custody. He was charged with Article 378 of the Criminal Code and or Article 508 of the Criminal Code with a penalty of four years in prison.

Not only extortion cases, Lukman is also involved in drug abuse cases. Lukman’s arrest began when police were developing a drug case.

“Before we arrested LH, indeed our member of the East Jakarta Metro Police Drug Task Force tried to lure because of indications that he was a drug user or dealer. At the time it was found that there was evidence of drugs and the urine test result was also positive that he was using drugs,” said Nicolas.

“We did some development and only then did we find out that he was a fake policeman,” he said.


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