West Java Regional Police Respond to Confession of Wrongful Arrest of Vina Murder Convicted

Jakarta, Hilton News

West Java Regional Police responded to the confession of Saka Tatal, one of the convicted murderers of Vina and Eky, who claimed to be the victim of wrongful arrest.

West Java Regional Police Public Relations Head Jules Abraham Abast said recognition or opinions could be built by anyone. But he did not explain in full about the misapprehension.

“If information with opinions is built from any party, we ask the public to refrain from doing so,” said Jules Abraham Abast, Wednesday (22/5).

Jules said that his main police investigator, the West Java Regional Police Ditreskrimum, would work optimally on this case. Jules also assured that investigators would be transparent about revealing the case.

“We will work as best we can and be transparent,” he said.

Previously, one of the convicts in the murder case of Vina and Eky’s lovers in Cirebon, Saka Tatal, claimed to be the victim of wrongful arrest by the police.

Saka claimed he never knew the two murder victims. Therefore, he admitted that he was surprised why the police also dragged him in the case.

“With the victim I didn’t know, I was confused and scared at the time. Because I was forced to be beaten, kicked, electrocuted, told to do it,” he told reporters on Saturday (18/5).


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