PTUN Jakarta Orders KPK Dewas to Postpone Nurul Ghufron’s Ethics Verdict

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A panel of judges of the Jakarta State Administrative Court (PTUN) granted the request of KPK Deputy Chairman Nurul Ghufron regarding the ethics hearing process at the KPK Supervisory Board.

In an interlocutory ruling, the Jakarta Administrative Court ordered the KPK Dewas to postpone the reading of the verdict of the Ghufron code of conduct and code of conduct hearing.

“Grant the plaintiff’s request for postponement,” said the interlocutory decision as reported by the Case Tracing Information System (SIPP) page of PTUN Jakarta, Monday (20/5).

The interlocutory ruling was announced this afternoon at the Jakarta PTUN Building. Until this news was written, it was not known to the panel of judges who tried the case. SIPP PTUN Jakarta does not contain this information.

“Order the defendant to postpone the examination action on the alleged violation of ethics on behalf of the Reported Nurul Ghufron as per the Invitation Letter for Clarification Examination Number: R-009/DEWAS/ETIK/SUK/02/2024 dated February 21, 2024,” said the judge.

“Order the Registrar of the Jakarta Administrative Court to deliver a copy of this Determination to the parties concerned; Deferring costs incurred as a result of this determination is taken into account in the final judgment.”

Ghufron filed the lawsuit on Wednesday, April 24, 2024 and registered under case number: 142/G/TF/2024/PTUN. JKT.

Previously, the KPK Dewas scheduled to read the decision on the code of ethics in the Ghufron case on Tuesday (21/5). This is because the KPK Dewas has completed the examination of witnesses including Ghufron as examined.

Ghufron was involved in a conflict with KPK Dewas Member Albertina Ho. Previously, Ghufron reported Albertina to the KPK Dewas.

Ghufron explained that he has the right to report suspected violations of the code of ethics of commission personnel as stipulated in Article 4 paragraph (2) point b of Supervisory Board Regulation (Perdewas) Number 3 of 2021.

In addition, Ghufron also took the matter to the Jakarta State Administrative Court (PTUN). He also sued KPK Perdewas Number 3 and 4 of 2021 to the Supreme Court (MA). Recently, Ghufron reported Albertina to the National Police Criminal Investigation.


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