Prabowo Delivers Apology at Last Presidential Debate

Jakarta, Hilton News

Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto took advantage of the closing statement moment at the last presidential debate in Jakarta to express an apology to the two candidate pairs (other candidates), Sunday (4/2) night.

Prabowo said, due to the 2024 presidential election campaign, the unity and unity of the nation would be affected. Representing the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM), he also apologized to candidates 1 and 3 if there were things that were not acceptable during the campaign.

“Dear countrymen and sisters, we have just, in recent months, carried out a campaign full of passion, full of contestation, and sometimes full of strong words. But, our intentions are good, I think the 3 candidates all want the best for the Indonesian people,” Prabowo said in a closing statement.

“I, on behalf of Prabowo-Gibran and on behalf of the Advanced Indonesia Coalition, apologize to Paslon 1, Pak Anies-Pak Muhaimin, and Paslon 3, Pak Ganjar and Pak Mahfud, if in this campaign there are our words or our actions that are not pleasing. We apologize profusely,” he continued.

Gibran then responded to the remarks with a bowing gesture.

Prabowo believes that the struggle of the three paslons aims to provide the best for Indonesia. He emphasized that they are all brothers, so that all elements and components of the nation are asked to maintain unity, especially harmony among national leaders.

“Brethren, what is important, we must build and uphold harmony, unity, kinship among all elements and circles of the Indonesian nation, especially harmony among Indonesian leaders,”

“I consider Mas Anies, Mas Muhaimin, Mas Ganjar, Prof. Mahfud to be my own brothers. We are fighting for the Indonesian nation, we are fighting because of our love for the Indonesian people,” Prabowo said.

Furthermore, Prabowo expressed his gratitude to the Indonesian presidents, who are the best sons and daughters of the nation.

“We thank all Indonesian leaders, all Indonesian presidents, Karno, Pak Harto, Pak Habibie, Gus Dur, Ibu Megawati, Pak SBY and Pak Joko Widodo. They are the best sons and daughters of the Indonesian nation,” he said.

Prabowo emphasized that he was committed to continuing the struggle of the nation’s leaders. He is determined to solve a number of problems, such as eliminating poverty, hunger, corruption, and malnutrition.

“When Prabowo-Gibran and the Advanced Indonesia Coalition, with the permission of God Almighty, God Almighty, receive a mandate from the people, we will become national leaders for all Indonesian people. I will be president for all Indonesians, including those who did not vote for me, including those who did not believe in me. I will fight for all Indonesian people,” Prabowo said.


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