North Sumatran People Want Prabowo-Gibran Lunch Program to Be Realized

Jakarta, Hilton News

The number two presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto together with vice president Gibran Rakabuming Raka are determined to realize free lunch and milk programs for children at school and nutrition for pregnant women.

“We plan to once we receive a mandate from the Indonesian people, we will immediately design and execute lunch for all Indonesian children,” Prabowo said in his political speech at the Advanced Indonesia Concert event at Baharoeddin Siregar Stadium, Deli Serdang, Medan, Wednesday (7/2).

“We will provide nutritious lunches for all Indonesian children, including those who are still in their mother’s womb,” Prabowo continued.

This is in line with the wishes of residents of Deli Serdang, Medan, North Sumatra who expressed that they need free lunch more than free internet.

“Do you agree or not?” asked Prabowo.

The citizens present replied in unison. “Agree,”

“Important or not?”, Prabowo asked. Then the residents again replied that the program was very important. “Important,” the resident replied.

It didn’t stop there, Prabowo then asked again about his program compared to free internet.

“Which more important thing? Free internet or free lunch?” asked Prabowo. and answered by citizens. “Eat”.

“If the internet is good, but, our children must not go hungry, our children must grow up healthy,” Prabowo explained

After that, in the middle of his speech, several children present tried to reach Prabowo’s hand to greet him. One of them gave a small meal in the form of oven beans to Prabowo.

“This is for me?” asked Prabowo to the little boy.

The two little children were then hugged tightly by Prabowo, he also had time to kiss the foreheads of the little children.

The little ones also looked happy and happy to have the opportunity to hug and salute Prabowo directly.


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