Mother in Jaktim Let Daughter by Boyfriend While Videoing


mother with initials NKD (47) had the heart to record her biological daughter RH (16) while being by her boyfriend. Now the NKD has to face the law.

“The biological parents with the initials NKD give flexibility to their underage daughter with the initials RH aged 16 years to be by her boyfriend,” said East Jakarta Metro Police Chief Police Commissioner Nicolas Ary Lilipaly in his statement, Tuesday (21/5).

As a result of sexual intercourse, RH finally conceived. The mother then told her daughter to have an abortion.

Various ways are done by NKD to abort daughters, including giving young pineapples. However, his efforts were fruitless.

Until finally, NKD asked for help from another person, namely N (55) to abort RH, namely by buying drugs for abortion.

“At approximately 7 months old, NKD’s biological parents asked for help from another suspect, Mrs. N, to buy abortion pills for her at the Scout Market,” said Nicolas.

From the results of the examination, Nicolas said that the NKD carried out his action based on romantic motives. Because, NKD apparently fell in love with his daughter’s boyfriend.

“In her background, her mother is also interested in the child’s boyfriend. There was an attraction to her boyfriend, so her mother let her daughter have sex with her boyfriend who she knew and filmed it, her motive was for the self-gratification of her mother,” said Nicolas.

Now, the police have named NKD and N as suspects and detained. Both are charged with Article 76c jo Article 80 paragraph 3 and or Article 77 a and or Article 76 b jo 77b RI Law number 35 of 2014 concerning Child Protection and or Article 346 of the Criminal Code and or Article 531 of the Criminal Code.

“The threat of imprisonment is a maximum of 15 years in prison and or a maximum fine of IDR 3 billion,” said Nicolas.


[Image:HN Video]

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