Momen Prabowo Reviews Free Lunch Program at Chinese Schools

Jakarta, Hilton News

Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto visited Beijing No. 2 Middle School, in Dongcheng District, Beijing, China on Tuesday (2/4). The president-elect for 2024-2029 reviewed the implementation of lunch programs for students in the country.

Prabowo made this visit after a series of meetings with high-ranking officials in China. Prabowo met Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday, and met Chinese Premier Li Qiang and Chinese Defense Minister Dong Jun on Tuesday.

During the visit to the school, Prabowo was accompanied by the school. They saw how the cafeteria provided free lunch for its students and female students.

When Prabowo arrived, some students were having lunch at the cafeteria. Various healthy food menus are neatly presented, such as animal protein, vegetables to snacks or snacks.

“Very healthy,” Prabowo said when looking at the menu eaten by the students.

Prabowo also had time to visit the classroom at the school and was greeted with warm applause from students and students. Here Prabowo had time to talk with students.

“What class is this?” asked Prabowo to the representative of Beijing No. 2 Middle School.

“It’s 9th grade,” he replied.

Not only that, Prabowo also took the time to talk with one of the male students and asked what his dreams were when he graduated from school.

“What do you want to be when you graduate?” asked Prabowo to one of the students at Beijing No. 2 Middle School.

“Scientist,” the student replied.

“Scientist? Very good,” Prabowo said while encouraging the student.

“Jiayou!” said Prabowo in Chinese.

After visiting Beijing No. 2 Middle School, Prabowo said goodbye and gave a souvenir in the form of a pin as a memento.

“Souvenirs. So, you won’t forget me,” Prabowo said with a laugh.


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