High Court Increases Dito Mahendra’s Sentence to 1 Year in Prison

Jakarta, Hilton News

The Jakarta High Court (PT) has increased the sentence of Mahendra Dito Sampurno alias Dito Mahendra (self-employed) to one year in prison in a case of alleged criminal possession of firearms and ammunition without a permit.

The appeals court amended the decision of the South Jakarta District Court (PN) Number 32/Pid.Sus/2024/PN Jkt.Sel dated April 4, 2024 which sentenced Dito to seven months in prison.

“Sentenced the defendant Mahendra Dito Sampurno therefore to imprisonment for one year,” said the verdict as reported by the PT DKI Jakarta Verdict Directory page, Tuesday (21/5).

Case number: 103/PID. SUS/2024/PT DKI was tried by the chairman of the panel Erwan Munawar with member judges Teguh Harianto and Edi Hasmi. Registrar Effendi Panataran Tampubolon. The verdict was read today, Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

“Stipulate that the period of arrest and detention already served by the accused be reduced entirely from the sentence imposed,” the judge said.

In his ruling, the judge ordered a number of evidence in the form of firearms and bullets seized to be destroyed.

This one-year prison sentence is in accordance with the demands of the public prosecution team.

This case was uncovered from a search conducted by the KPK investigation team at Dito’s residence. At that time, the KPK was handling the case of alleged Money Laundering (TPPU) of former Supreme Court Secretary Nurhadi Abdurrachman.

During the search, KPK investigators found a locked room containing firearms, ammunition, magazines, and weapons documents. On that basis, the KPK coordinated with the National Police Baintelkam which ultimately processed Dito’s law.


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