Chronology of Lettu Eko Suicide by the Indonesian Navy, Allegedly due to Debt

Jakarta, Hilton News

The Marine Corps explained the chronology of the death of a member named Lettu Eko Damara in Kotis Koramil Dekai, Kodim 1715 Yahukimo, Papua Mountains some time ago.

Eko, who was a Doctor of the RI-PN Yonif 7 Marine Mobile Pamtas Task Force, allegedly died by suicide shooting the head with an SS2-VI weapon

Marine Corps Commander Major General (Mar) Endi Supardi explained that the incident occurred on Saturday (27/4) at around 13.02 WIT.

Just then, Eko came to the infirmary and ordered two other soldiers to come out.

“At 13.04 WIT, Prada Hasan and Pratu Agus left the room. At 13.06 WIT, Prada Danu was about to enter the health room, but the room was locked,” Endi said in a press conference at Mako Marinir, Monday (20/5).

Not long, there was a one-time gun popping sound from inside the health room. Another soldier then tried to look through the window. Endi said that at that time Eko was seen in a state of blood.

“With the body position resting against the wall of the room, the SS2-V1 weapon rests with the stock position above the right thigh, then the barrel of the weapon crosses to the left to the top of the chest and the right hand is still holding the pistol grip,” said Endi.

The room was then broken into. Other TNI members then gave first aid. Eko was said to be alive at that time. The TNI officer was then taken to Dekai Hospital and arrived at 13.15 WIT.

“Immediately get medical treatment by Doctor April, the attending doctor at Dekai Hospital. Then at 14.00 WIT, Doctor April said that Lettu Eko was not helped and was declared dead,” Endi said.

The body was then taken to the mosque to be washed, memorized and prayed. Endi said because the body would be taken to Eko’s hometown in North Sumatra, the body was also formalized.

On that occasion, the person who bathed Eko’s corpse was also presented in a video call.

Endi asked the person bathing the corpse, whether there were bruises and cigarettes on Eko’s body, as stated by the family.

The person who bathed the body then said he did not see any bruises and traces of cigarette burning. The same statement was also conveyed by one of the doctors at Dekai Hospital who saw Eko’s body.

“The father who bathed saw firsthand that on the head, on the hands, on the body on the feet there were no bruises,” Endi said.


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