Appeal Granted, Karimunjawa Activist Daniel Frits Freed

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Environmental activist in Karimunjawa, Jepara, Central Java, Daniel Frits Maurits Tangkilisan was released after his appeal against the ITE Law case was granted by the Semarang High Court.

“Based on the appeal received at the Semarang High Prosecutor’s Office this afternoon, at 15.00 WIB I got information that Daniel is free, now in Jepara with his family,” said Karimunjawa Juang Circle Coordinator, Bambang Zakaria to detikJateng when contacted by telephone, Tuesday (21/5).

In the decision letter received by detikJateng, there is an excerpt of decision number 374 / PID. SUS/2024/PT SMG with defendant Daniel Frits Maurits Tangkilisan (50). In the verdict letter accepted the appeal of defendant Daniel. Then overturned the decision of the Jepara District Court number 14/Pid.Sus/2024/PN Jpa dated April 4, 2024.

“Stating that the defendant is proven to have committed acts as alleged by the Public Prosecutor, but the defendant is proven to be a fighter for the right to a good and healthy environment,” the verdict read.

“Release the defendant therefore from all lawsuits, restore the rights of the defendant in his ability, position, dignity and dignity. It then ordered that the defendant be released from custody immediately after this verdict was read, stipulated that the evidence be returned to the defendant, and charged the cost of the case to the state in both judicial settings,” the ruling said.

Bambang Zakaria considered Daniel’s freedom a success for all parties.

“Daniel’s freedom is free from accusations, it is the success of all of us who support Daniel’s case even though we dig bloodily to get justice, finally we can still achieve justice,” he explained.

According to him, Daniel’s freedom ignited and ignited the spirit of the fighters to continue fighting for the environment from destruction.

“These two freedoms of Daniel trigger or ignite our spirit to continue fighting and indicate that we should not be afraid to voice environmental issues, to fight environmental damage so we don’t have to be afraid, we see Daniel’s freedom we must continue to move to preserve the environment in Karimunjawa, especially wherever we are generally,” he continued.

The man familiarly called Bang Jak also thanked the entire community and other fighters for fighting to support Daniel. The plan, he said, Daniel would be welcomed when he returned to Karimunjawa.

“I also thank my friends for always supporting, shouting that Daniel’s case is not worth it, it doesn’t deserve to be imprisoned even though it is new and now it is proven that our struggle Daniel is free, thanks to friends of the media for voicing the right things, the reality things, not the fabricated ones,” Bang Jak said.

“I am in Karimunjawa, Daniel, I think we will welcome Karimunjawa later, yes for us it is like welcoming success and welcoming our fighters to preserve the nature of Karimunjawa,” he said.

Daniel was previously sentenced to 7 months in prison for the ITE Law case at a trial held at the Jepara District Court on Thursday (4/4). The defendant’s advocacy team appealed.

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