4 Convicted of Vina Case Had Complained to Komnas HAM about Persecution

Jakarta, Hilton News

Komnas HAM said that it had received reports of alleged mistreatment by investigators experienced by four convicts in the murder case of lovers Vina and Eki in Cirebon.

Uli Parulian, coordinator of the Human Rights Enforcement Subcommission, said the complaint was made by the four convicts, namely Hadi Saputra, Suprianto, Eko Ramadani and Saka Tatal on Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

In his report, Uli said they claimed they were prevented from meeting with family and legal representatives by investigators. In addition, investigators are also said to have participated in torture and forced them to confess as perpetrators.

“The issues raised are allegations of obstruction to meet with family and legal representatives, forced confession as perpetrators, and allegations of torture,” he explained in a written statement on Tuesday (21/5).

After receiving the report, Uli said Komnas HAM had asked for clarification to Irwasda Polda West Java through letter Number 0.131 / K / PMT / I / 2017 on Friday, January 20, 2017.

Uli said through the letter, Komnas HAM asked Irwasda Polda Jawa Barat to examine investigators suspected of torture and guarantee the rights of suspects in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Recently, he said, Komnas HAM also wrote to the West Java Regional Police to request progress in the search for three perpetrators who had been determined as DPOs in the case.

“Requesting information regarding the follow-up and legal proceedings against the 3 DPOs in the Eky murder case and
Vina,” he explained.

“Ensuring the protection and fulfillment of the right to justice and legal certainty for the families of victims,” he concluded.

Previously, one of the convicts in the murder case of Vina and Eky’s lovers in Cirebon, Saka Tatal, claimed to be the victim of a wrongful arrest by the police.

Saka claimed he never knew the two murder victims and said he wondered why police had dragged him into the case.

“With the victim I didn’t know, I was confused and scared at the time. Because I was forced to be beaten, kicked, electrocuted, told to do it,” he told reporters on Saturday (18/5).

Saka explained that his arrest took place on August 31, 2016, when he was 15 years old. He admitted that at that time he was asked for help by his uncle, Eka Sandi to fill up the motorcycle.

Eka is one of the perpetrators in the Vina and Eky murder case. When he was about to return the motorcycle, he said, there were a number of police officers at the scene and were securing several people, including his uncle.

Saka claimed that he was not given any explanation by the police and was immediately taken to the Cirebon City Police Office with others.

“The motorbike has not been given to my uncle, and he was immediately arrested. When I didn’t see any explanation, I was taken to the Cirebon City Police Station,” he said.


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