Introducing 'Wanderlust'...

1st Sep 2017

Introducing 'Wanderlust'...

We're all set for another exciting year of learning adventures here at #TeamHilton and we are proud to announce that our first whole-academy topic theme for the 2017-2018 year is 'Wanderlust'.

The word wanderlust means 'a strong desire to travel and explore the world', so our learning journeys this term will be taking us far and wide across planet Earth!

The topic links in with an exciting new exhibition that is currently taking place at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle city centre of the same title. The 'Wanderlust' exhibition showcases several paintings from different artists that represent travel and exploration around the world. Each of our zones at #TeamHilton will take one of the paintings as the 'hook' into their new topic.

Our 'Wanderlust' topic will run through until the October half term and all parents, carers and families are invited to join us on Friday 20th October between 9:15 and 11:15am for our #TeamHilton 'Wanderlust' art gallery where our children will be sharing their learning from the term.